Dream Chiseling Aleph

Discover the hidden link between mindfulness, dreams, and prophecy

  • March 14, 2024 12:00 PM

This mini-course will include studying ancient and modern texts, including Talmud and Zohar. Participants will learn how to remember and record their dreams, which will prepare us for gathering in a ‘dream circle’ where we will “open” the dreams together, to bring insight and understanding.

Workshops are open to individuals of all faiths (or no faith); experience with Hebrew is not required (Hebrew and Aramaic texts will be provided in English translation).

א - Dream chiseling aleph (101) is focused on the primary texts (Talmud, Zohar, Hebrew bible) that inform this methodology. This course is especially for folks who are new to dream opening, or folks who are familiar with the practices but not the sources.

ב - Dream chiseling bet (102) brings us into a dream circle or “council” to tell each other our dreams and reflect on their hidden meanings.
Note: only individuals who have taken dream chiseling aleph, studied at the School of Images, taken my “dreaming with the Torah” course at AJS, or studied dreams with Rabbi Jill Hammer, are eligible to join bet (level 102).

All courses are offered on a sliding scale.

The DreamOpening® method was developed by Catherine Shainberg, to facilitate the four layers of understanding: pshat, remes, drash and sod, as well as exploring our own dreams through these lenses.

We also have an in-person version of this course in Brooklyn starting March 11 (5-6:30pm ET)