The Azazel Chapbook

A Guide for Your Earth-Based Yom Kippur Journey

The Azazel Chapbook is a new resource for Yom Kippur Musaf (midday prayers). It includes adaptations of the mahzor for individual prayer in nature, as well as how to gather a small “not-a-minyan” group for safe outdoor Yom Kippur rituals.

This mini-mahzor is for all who yearn to deepen their relationship to earth-based spiritual practices, (and/or) enrich their Yom Kippur and high holiday season. We welcome folks to utilize it according to their own needs: as a stand-alone centerpiece to your Yom Kippur experience, a supplement to other communal offerings, or as a resource for clergy and lay leaders planning Yom Kippur services. It has a lot to offer, whether you have an hour to dive in, or use it as a companion to inspire a day-long excursion.

The Azazel Chapbook empowers you to spend intentional time in nature on Yom Kippur, which many Jews observe as the holiest day of the calendar. This can be especially meaningful this year as Jewish communities re-think our practices to keep ourselves and our communities safe from the coronavirus. All activities are suited to individuals or small groups. While it is geared towards use in nature, i.e. your backyard or local park, it is adaptable to any setting, including your living room. Planning to be on zoom with your congregation this Yom Kippur? Bring the chapbook with you for your pre-prayer morning walk or post-services stroll.

We built this mahzor to be both deeply rooted, while also expansive and inclusive:

  • Open Source: Available for free download, with suggested donation for those who can afford it
  • Accessible: All texts provided with English translation. All rituals have option for adaptions both indoors and outdoors.
  • Non-hierarchical: Written in a self-led format with the option for individuals and community leaders to follow as is or use as a resource for a customized experience.
  • Embodied: Each segment includes both selections from liturgy and a hands-on multi-sensory ritual component.

With these core values in mind, we especially encourage individuals and households of multiple identities, cultures, and experiences to partake in this new resource, including, racial, ethnic, religious, class, gender expression, sexual orientations, and abilities.

To access the full PDF of the chapbook, click here for the access form, after which you will be granted a link directly to our Dropbox folder.