Solar Eclipse Ritual Guide

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Rays of Awe

Created by Arielle Sabot, rabbinic intern Aya Baron & Kohenet Shamirah

Monday, April 8, 2024 will be a solar eclipse visible throughout the Americas. Have you set aside time for a ritual? Shamir Collective can help!

When the world is blanketed in snow – we pause, we see what it wakes up in us. When the sun is cloaked by the moon – we deserve to let ourselves experience its magic and medicine, and the earth and cosmos deserve to be seen by us.

There’s beauty in the eclipse falling on a Monday – how often do we miss the magic, the midday magic, the Monday magic? This is an invitation into a different kind of week, a different kind of Monday. Step into the darkness, let our fear become awe, through presence. The gateway of witness and experience, of noticing how the cosmos speaks for us and ushers us through the portals we are beckoning.

Pause – approach, experience, release – we practice day by day. This is the moment we practice for: cosmic ritual. We do not need to do more than be here for it, show up to it – we needn’t build an altar (though altars are welcome), instead create an ambiance to welcome the eclipse – for it is Here.

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Gratitude and Credits

This guide was compiled and written in Adar 1 & Adar 2, 5784 by the Shamir Collective team: Arielle Sabot, Aya Baron, and Sarah Chandler.

We are grateful to the following online resources that supported us in our weaving process:

Eclipse Safety

Reminder: do not look directly at the sun anytime, especially during solar eclipse. Please read Nasa’s page about how to be safe during the 2024 eclipse.

Flow of Abundance

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